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Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS)

  • Adjunctive therapy in reducing refractive seizure frequency, normally resistant to traditional antiepileptic medicine
  • Long-term efficacy and safety
  • Reduced seizures over time
  • Increased patient confidence and control

Neuronavigation System

  • Clinical navigation for ENT, CMF, and neurosurgery
  • All-in-one system utilizing optical and electromagnetic measurement technology

VisionSense VSiii System

  • Enables surgeons to use minimially invasive stereoscopic camera for Anthroscopy (CE), ENT, Laparoscopy, and Neurosurgical applications
  • Successfully utilized by a number of surgeons in wide range of MIS procedures
  • 510(k) clearance
  • CE Mark approved

VisionSense is the first and only 3D-HD system with endoscopes in small diameters, pioneering high acuity 3D-HD vision.

Navigated Brain Stimulation

  • Noninvasive option for pre-surgical brain mapping
  • Utilized in stroke rehabilitation and depression therapy